Security Systems

Security is a thing that has, unfortunately, become a major part of how we live and work and is such an important thing we can’t afford to get it wrong. Glenn Com realizes the importance of this and is at the cutting edge of digital security systems that will give you peace of mind.

Many people think of security camera’s when we speak of security, but there is much more to modern security systems now. Lighting, alarms, intercoms, automatic gates and many other items can now make up a modern security system. Many new security systems also tie in with computers and the internet and allows such things as reviewing your security system from anywhere you have internet connectivity.

This is just a example of what security systems can now do for you. Of course these systems are only as good as they are installed and Glenn Com prides itself on it’s quality installation. We are fully licensed with the new security licenses that have been brought into the industry to insure systems are installed correctly. We also have our own IT specialists with in our company to insure the systems have been installed correctly.

Glenn Com are the agents for some of the best security system available. We also work in with many companies that specialize in security and monitoring systems from Commercial applications to Age Care monitoring systems.Security Camera

Here is a list of some of the services we offer in this area:

  • Digital Security System
  • Surveillance/Recordable Systems
  • Security Lighting
  • Alarms
  • Automated Doors
  • Digital Locks
  • Intercoms
  • Emergency Dialing Systems
  • Aged Care Monitor Systems


Security can be a very complex area with many options that can make deciding what you need or require confusing and difficult at times. Let Glenn Com help you with this and give you the peace of mind of a fully qualified company helping to design and install the security system you need!