Glenn Com has great experience with data instalation and has been involved in the configuration and installation of complex data projects. Examples of this type of work would be the installation of data cabling for a computer room and then linking this to another computer room with the use of complex Fiber Optic Cables or Microwave uplinks.


Glenn Com has been involved in many projects that have included the following:

  • rg45Computer Network Cabling
  • Satalite Instalations and Repairs
  • ATM instalalations
  • Digital Display Networks
  • Mobile Phone/Data Networks
  • Microwave/WiFi Uplinks/Tie Links


1&0This is a very complex area which is changing all the time and as such there is a good chance we can do other work that is not listed on this web page. If you would like to contact us in regards to other types of data work not isted here have confidence that Glenn Com is fully qualified in Data/Satalite instalations and has many years of experiance in this field.