Electricity is very much a part of all our lives and has been for over the last 100 yrs. It powers so much of what we need and rely on these days - probably more than we realize. Over the years the uses of electricity have changes and we utilize it in many and varied ways from the basic needs of lighting, heating, cooling and cooking to the most advanced technology.


At Glenn Com we can help you to utilize the latest developments in the electrical world including innovated products to get the most out of the electricity that powers you.


  • New/Old House Wiring
  • Additional Lights, Fans, Power Points and more
  • Lighting; Mood, Surround, Garden, Movement
  • Fault finding of electrical faults
  • Saftey Switchs
  • Surge Protection
  • Generation Inlets
  • Smoke/Fire Alarms and Emergency Lighting
  • And much, much more!


  • Wiring of Sheds/Buildings
  • Additional Lights, Fans, Power Points and more
  • Power Backup/Filitration
  • Sftey Switchs
  • Lightning Conductors/Aristers to protect machinery
  • Surge Protection
  • Generation Inlets/Outlets
  • 3 Phase Cabling
  • Smoke/Fire Alarms and Emergency Lighting
  • And much, much more!

Sola PanelThe production of electricity can be very bad for the environment - Coal Fired Power Stations are a good example, but there are ways in which to reduce this problem. Through the use of clean power we can help to reduce the polution issues associated with power generation some of this are Solar power, Hydro power and Wind power. Solar power is an area in which Glenn Com is starting to make strong presence in and we have been involved with solar energy for many years now. Glenn Com is fully qualified in the design and installation of solar power panels and we can design many systems for many diffrent applications.

Power meter

We strongly believe in the environment and are keen to strive to look at new ways which are environmentally friendly. As an example we try to recycle all old wire and material that has been used on the jobs and the packaging of the products.


Glenn Com has a environmental policy plan in place.