Glenn Com has over the years developed a strong reputation for phone solutions. We have always tried to lead the way with quality phone solutions and support for both domestic and business. Glenn Com Electrical & Communications can help to find a solution to your telecommunication needs, For example: It may be a new phone system or repairing a phone line.

Phone technology has come a long way since Alexander Graham Bell invented the first telephone and with this Glenn Com Electrical & Communications have aligned ourselves with the latest technology. We now offer our customers the latest in Hosted PABX technology through our partnership with Telegate.

You may be asking what is Hosted PABX?

Hosted PABX is similar to your traditional phone system or PABX, however instead of requiring expensive physical hardware installed onsite, Hosted PABX systems use cloud technology to provide all the capabilities (and more) of a traditional PABX. Unlike traditional PABX solutions they can be implemented at a fraction of the cost. Furthermore, because they utilise the power of the internet to make calls as opposed to copper line telephone lines, they give business the ability to dramatically reduce call costs, eliminate expensive line rental as well as providing improved business capabilities. Please find a PDF brochure on Telegate Hosted PABX here.


For more information on Hosted PABX or other phone solutions please contact_us and we will be able to help answer your questions or solve your phone issues.